SC Child Care

The Classroom Experience

Each classroom teacher prepares their lessons to include speech and language development, physical activity, pre-reading skills, creative play, life skills, science, Bible, math, music, art and health. Children are given a warm, loving, yet stimulating environment, where they can be curious and learn in safety. We work closely with you regarding your child's total development.

Biblical values, as well as other cultural values such as honesty, respect, sharing, and caring are shared with the children through stories, songs, prayers, and interactions among the children and teachers.

Qualified Teachers

We provide qualified and experienced teachers that care for your child while you are away. Every child that attends our center is trained to practice and master the skills necessary to be successful in school.

Our Qualified Staff

Robin Centeno
Child Care Director
Wendy Strama
Kristine Clements
Susan Tate
Hannah Zalameda
Leslie Stuart
Charlee Musser
Teachers Assistant
Shelby Strama
Teachers Assistant
Cloris Berryhill
Teachers Assistant & Cook